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MAPMF - 2014-15 Report


Cara Connachan

Senior Research Officer

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The data returns for the 2014-15 financial year, submitted by 30 of the 31 Scottish Local Authorities who fund money advice services, were analysed and a report produced.


The key findings were:


  • Money advice services delivered or funded by Scottish Local Authorities employed an estimated 370 FTE staff members and represented an investment by councils of around £21m per annum
  • Money advice support was provided to some 165,000 initial enquirers and to around 61,000 existing clients throughout the 2014-15 financial year
  • Money advice services are predominantly used by the poorest members of society: 80% of service users had an income of less than £15,000 per annum
  • Money advice services have been highly effective in targeting a number of ‘hard to reach’ groups
  • The estimated average financial gain for service users was around £1,900. Given the typical profile of those supported, this represents a significant positive impact for many individuals living in poverty


This first report identified issues that were addressed following further discussion with Local Authorities and other key partners. As a result, several Framework indicators were revised, data collection approaches were reviewed, and a second version of the Indicator Guide was published for the 2015-16 iteration.


Download the full 2014-15 report


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