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Common Advice Performance Management Reporting Framework - 2017-18 Report


The Common Advice Performance Management Reporting Framework (CAPMRF) overview report for 2017/18 summarises the significant contribution made by money and welfare rights advice services funded by local authorities and delivered  on an inhouse or external basis.


The key findings were:


  • 94,336 new service users accessed money and welfare rights advice.
  • 60% of service clients initially made contact face-to-face, followed by 32% who made contact via telephone, 7% via email, and 1% via the web. Relative to the previous year, this represents a reduction in initial access by face to face and an increase in telephone.
  • Investment by local authorities in money and welfare rights money advice services was £25.76m.
  • 85 external and 32 internal money3 and welfare rights advice services received funding from local authorities.
  • Local authorities had 486 FTE paid staff members, whilst external organisations supported by councils employed 386 FTE paid staff members. The service is also supported in external organisations by 412 FTE volunteers.
  • 28% of service users had a disposable household income of less than £6,000, 55% less than £10,000 and 88% less than £20,000 - the median household disposable income in the UK is £27,300.4.
  • c66% of service users lived in rented accommodation.
  • 38% of service users were permanently sick or disabled or suffering from a short-term illness or injury.
  • Mixed or multiple ethnic groups are disproportionately more likely to access money and welfare rights advice services.
  • 25% of service users were in some form of employment and 11% were unemployed and seeking work.
  • The total debt owed by service users was c£204m, a slight decrease on the previous year.
  • 24% of service users initially sought advice because of rent arrears.
  • Service users reported a positive impact in relation to their physical health, optimism, and relationships with others.
  • The total financial gain secured for service users was £624.7m.


Download the full 2017-18 report


The individual reports for each local authority can be downloaded below:

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