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£250,000 reimbursed to Scottish councils for data improvements


The IS' Spatial Information Service (SIS) recently reimbursed local authorities a total of £250,000 to assist with improving their spatial data.


This money has been raised from our first partnership agreement, realising the value added to local government spatial data by SIS.


SIS, in collaboration with local authority data contacts, intends to identify specific areas of data improvement and resourcing within each council that the money should be directed towards. This sustainable business model shall also be used as a blueprint for other local government data (published via the Spatial Hub), which has been demonstrated to be much sought after throughout the private sector.


It is hoped that these reimbursements will grow year on year; and in doing so, enable continuous improvement of local authority data.


SIS also aims to have data sharing solutions set up in the near future for the academic and third sector, as well as reciprocal data sharing agreements with several utility companies.


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