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Aberdeen City Council logoWhat Aberdeen City Council wanted

Aberdeen City Council asked the IS’ Senior Business Analyst to spend a couple of weeks with its ICT and transformation team without a pre-determined objective for the type of support required from the IS. The Council required support on a variety of issues but wanted the resource available to be flexible to its needs rather than going in with a pre-determined work programme.


What did we do?

The IS sent its Senior Business Analyst (BA) to work for Aberdeen City Council to work exclusively on projects for the Council. The resource was made available free of charge, with the Council picking up the cost for any expenses incurred during the visit.


The first couple of days were spent meeting with all parts of the ICT and transformation team to identify areas where support was required. A number of documents were also shared with the Analyst to gain an external perspective.


From those discussions, and from linking into existing work programmes across other local authorities, specific support on some technical elements of the business case was given.


After speaking to the service manager, it was apparent that additional training and support was required on the industry standard technical skills required for a Business Analyst. A couple of training sessions were designed based on the industry standards from the British Computer Society’s Business Analyst Diploma. The first training session was a quick overview to the skills required (or expected from) a BA, then slides and supporting materials were made available to the teams on a shared space. The second session was designed around the Council's own project experience to see which tools or techniques were most appropriate for its needs.


It is worthwhile noting that the offer of support for Aberdeen City Council did not end at the conclusion of the two weeks spent there. As a good working relationship has now been established with the Council, the offer of virtual support from the IS is expected to be taken up.

Aberdeen City Council - Digital and IT Support

Kelly Hunkin

Senior Business Analyst

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