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Indicator: Economic Development and Planning

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All the indicators relating to this service are are listed below. When you select the indicator you are interested in, some information about what the indicator covers will appear to the right of the list. You can view or download a numerical table for the data plus supporting graphs.

A full technical explanation for each indicator is also available and each includes links to the relevant underpinning data used to populate the indicators. The full technical details can be downloaded below.

What has changed?

Please note, the table below contains Scottish average figures, and the cost indicators have been calculated to take into account the impact of inflation over time.

Overall, in the five years covered by the data, the following key changes have occurred:

Indicator description average 2010-11 average 2011-12 average 2012-13 average 2013-14 average 2014-15 average 2015-16 change in value % change in value
Unemployed people assisted into work from Council operated / funded employability programmes % --- --- 9.6 12.5 14.2 14.2 4.6 ---
Cost per planning application £ 5,243 5,061 6,412 4,524 4,270 4,939 -303.9 -5.8
Average time per commercial planning application Time --- --- 12.96 12.88 10.95 11.19 -1.8 -13.6
Percentage of procurement spent on local small/medium enterprises % 20.9 20.5 20.3 19.6 19.6 19.7 -1.2 ---
Number of business gateway startups per 10,000 population Number --- --- --- 19.0 18.9 16.9 -2.1 -11.1

Indicator: Economic Development
ECON 1: Percentage unemployed people assisted into work from Council operated / funded employability programmes
ECON 2: Cost per planning application
ECON 3: Average time taken to deliver a commercial planning application decision
ECON 4: Percentage of procurement spent on small/medium enterprises
ECON 5: Number of business gateway start-ups per 10,000 population

Download technical detail for Economic Development

pdf documentLGBF Measures - Metadata for Economic Development Indicators

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