CORP 3b: The percentage of the highest paid 5% employees who are women
Summary definition

These indicators provide a picture of the current gender balance in more senior posts.

Rationale for Measure

The delivery of quality services is dependent on a trained and motivated workforce and it is essential that councils' employment policy reflects their commitment to equal opportunities. This helps identify areas of potentially unfair or discriminatory practices.

Detailed definition (with inclusions and exclusions)

Please note: These indicators exclude teachers (including peripatetic teachers, support for learning teachers, visiting specialists, home tutors, guidance teachers, and assistant head teachers, depute head teachers and head teachers) i.e. those on teachers terms and conditions and required to be GTC registered.

All other council employees on SJNC (Chief Officers) plus those traditionally on APT&C conditions, and posts on SJC conditions/scales which traditionally have been employed on craft and manual worker conditions/grades should be included in the indicator.

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