CORP 5b2: (Domestic Noise) Average time (hours) between time of complaint and attendance on site, for those requiring attendance on site.
Summary definition

Domestic noise means noise to which Part V of the Antisocial Behaviour etc (Scotland) Act, 2004 (ASBA) applies or would have applied, had the council resolved to apply that provision. However, such noise may be dealt with using other, pre-existing legislation.

A complaint is an expression of concern to the council about domestic noise in the expectation that the council will address the matter. Such complaints may be received in a range of different departments or offices.

Why do we measure this?

This indicator examines the ways in which councils initially handle/investigate complaints of domestic noise abuse. Each council is responsible for maintaining the level of service it considers appropriate for its area. The noise complaints services offered by councils in Scotland vary widely. In some cases the service is available up to 24 hours, 7 days per week, while in others it may only be available during office hours Monday to Friday.

Councils are increasingly making use of the provisions of the ASBA as an additional means of handling domestic noise incidents. Consequently, the extent to which councils provide services outwith office hours is likely to develop as the provisions of the ASBA are implemented.

It is important that councils respond effectively to noise complaints using the range of legislation available to them. However, the choice of legislation under which any action might be taken is a matter for the service and will, in part be determined by whether or not the council has decided to make use of the provisions of the ASBA.

Some councils have close partnership arrangements in place with other organisations such as police forces and housing agencies to provide an integrated service. Consequently, the number of complaints to the council and the number to which it responds may be relatively low.

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