CORP 6a: Sickness Absence Days per Teacher
Summary definition

Number of Sickness Days includes days that are self-certified, certified by a GP, long-term illness (even if staff are unpaid), industrial injury or injury.

It doesn’t include authorised leave which is not sickness absence, such as maternity, paternity, adoption, maternity support, parental leave or other similar authorised absence.

Why do we measure this?

Sickness absence in the public sector is widely regarded as being a significant cost to councils. This indicator is important because it allows councils to compare these rates and helps us identify which councils are dealing effectively with this issue.

Sickness rates can vary considerably between services, and the rates for operational staff within the fire & rescue service are generally high in comparison with the public sector average. This is explained in part by the hazardous nature of the work, and the special needs in respect of fitness.

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