ECON 1: Percentage unemployed People Assisted into work from Council operated / funded Employability Programmes
Summary definition

This indicator is a measure of the total number of registered unemployed people in a year having received support from a Council funded / operated employability programme and who go on to access employment.

Why do we measure this?

This high level indicator is important because:

- employment is a key priority for most Councils / SOAs;
- accessing employment results not just in a positive economic outcome, but can typically also lead to improvements across a wider range of outcomes and reductions in demand for public services;
- Most Councils participate in employment-related support – either via direct provision and/or via funding delivery by third parties. This indicator would include both;
- The indicator relates to effectiveness of the service by focusing on those individuals that actually access employment following support;
- By expressing the indicator as a percentage of total unemployment in the area, it also gives an indication of the reach / penetration of Council funded / operated Employability programmes.
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