HSN 2: Percentage of rent due in the year that was lost due to voids
Summary definition

The percentage of rent due in the year that was lost because houses remained empty when they were available for letting.

Why do we measure this?

A significant cost to councils is the amount of rent due that is lost to 'voids' - houses that have no tenants for a period of time.

This indicator shows how effective councils are at managing changes in tenancy (particularly, the time taken to identify new tenants, and the time taken to identify and carry out any repairs necessary before a new tenant can move in).

Please note that voids do not include: houses that are no longer required by the council or are due to be transferred, disposed or demolished; houses that are empty following fire or flood damage; houses awaiting or undergoing major structural works; houses held for decanting tenants; lock-ups or garages.

Please also note that some councils do not offer a housing service.

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