HSN 4: Repairs completed by the council
Summary definition

The indicator shows repairs completed by the council.

Some councils do not provide a housing service.

Why do we measure this?

This is a useful measure of the quality of service provided across councils. It can be used to help compare approaches to responding to repairs and improve councils' response times.

As a repair has to be done to the client's satisfaction, it can also give us some information about the quality of the repairs service.

Please note that each council sets the number of repair categories and the target timescale for each of them based on the preferred level of service versus resources available. Councils may use the same term for a repair category (e.g. urgent) but set different timescales. Targets may also differ between years if local priorities change.

For the 2013/14 data, this measure is taken from the Scottish Social Housing Charter. This measure calculates the average time to complete repairs whereas the previous measure calculated the percentage of repairs completed within target times, and as such it is not possible to provide a direct comparison with previous years. Please see the metadata for further information.

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