SW 2: Self Directed Support spend on people aged 18 or over as a % of total social work spend on adults
Summary definition

Self Directed Support allows people needing support to choose how their support needs will be met. This indicator calculates the cost of Direct Payment and Managed Personalised Budget spend on adults as a proportion (%) of the total social work spend on adults (aged 18+).

Why do we measure this?

This indicator allows councils to monitor Direct Payments as a proportion of total adult social care expenditure, both over time and in comparison with other councils.

Under the Self Directed (Scotland) Act 2013, Direct Payments will be one of four options that from 1 April 2014 local authorities must offer eligible people assessed as requiring social care. SOLACE, ADSW and the Improvement Service will do further work to improve this indicator for 2014/15 Benchmarking.

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