SW 5: Net Residential Care Costs per Hour for people aged 65 or over
Summary definition

Net expenditure on residential care is defined as gross expenditure on Care Homes (excluding spending on other accommodation based services - non-respite). minus income.

Why do we measure this?

The provision of services to support older people is a major priority for councils and is an area where councils face growing demands and where services are experiencing a major change as council services integrate with services from the National Health Service to create new Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs).

In terms of adult social care services a major cost carried by local councils is the cost of caring for older adults in a residential setting.

This indicator can be looked at alongside the cost of “Adult Home Care” (Older Persons (Over65) Home Care Costs per Hour) and also the balance of care between residential and community based care (% of people 65+ with intensive needs receiving care at home)

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