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Improving Outcomes in Money Advice Project

Improving Outcomes in Money Advice - improving the impact of Scotland's money advice services

CAPMF Indicator Guide and Return Template

CAPMF Indicator Guide

The Indicator Guide sets out the scope and aim of the Common Advice Performance Management Framework (CAPMF). It includes the measures used to assess performance and definitions for each indicator. The Guide also explains the process through which councils should submit data to the Improvement Service.


The first version of the Indicator Guide was created following numerous consultations involving all 32 Scottish local authorities, as well as key national stakeholders. Throughout the iterations of the framework to date, and through discussions with key stakeholders, the Indicator Guide has continued to be reviewed and revised.


The fourth version of the Indicator Guide, for reference during the 2017-18 iteration of the framework, is now available to download: CAMPF 2017-18 Indicator Guide.


Previous versions of the Indicator Guide:



Data Return Template


Download the data return template for 2017-18.


All data returns should be submitted to Paige( by 26 May 2017.

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