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Change Management Training for Councils


The IS’s Change Management Team has developed a range of free training for councils to help improve their change management skills and capacity.


The training on offer includes:


  • Basic Customer Journey Mapping: This encourages attendees to walk in customers' shoes and makes use of customer journey mapping templates. The templates allow the mapper to understand the emotions of the customer and identify areas in need of improvement. The content of this workshop is aimed at those who have limited change experience and are interested in discovering a new way of thinking which will help them to design services based on customers' experiences.
  • Benefits Realisation Management: This training provides attendees with a framework to identify the key stakeholders involved in any project, map benefits to project outputs and strategic objectives, and assign appropriate performance measures. The team also introduces a benefits tracker as part of this session. Expected audiences would be those involved in change projects, particularly those assigned to benefit identification.
  • Advanced Customer Journey Mapping: This training builds on the Basic Customer Journey Mapping session. It introduces personas and mapping of internal front and back office processes. The session also delves further into data collection. Expected audiences would be those involved in change projects who are interested in designing services to suit customer needs.
  • The team has also delivered workshops on data, particularly focusing on its importance when identifying how to improve customers' experiences.


The sessions focus on real-world examples and equip attendees with the knowledge and practical experience to feel confident applying the tools and techniques. After the training session, the Team is also happy to assist councils in their application of the tools and techniques to their own work.


Recently, the team delivered training to the Transformation Team at East Ayrshire Council and the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) project team at Perth and Kinross Council.


We are always happy to discuss other potential areas in which councils would find training useful, so let us know if you have any in mind.


If you're interested in having the Change Management Team deliver any of their training sessions for free at your council, please get in touch via


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