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Common Advice Performance Management Framework (CAPMF)


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Improving Outcomes in Money Advice Project

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The Improvement Service, in partnership with the Money Advice Service, is leading on the collation and analysis of data for the Common Advice Performance Management Framework (CAPMF). Formerly, the framework was known as the Money Advice Performance Management Framework (MAPMF). Following consultation with all Scottish local authorities in 2017, it was agreed that the framework would be extended to include welfare rights advice.


The framework aims to capture key performance indicators for money and welfare rights advice services funded by local authorities on both an in-house and commissioned basis. It forms part of the Improving Outcomes in Money Advice Project, whose initial research identified local authorities as the main funders of money advice services in Scotland.


The CAPMF has been developed in close consultation and co-operation with local authorities and other key stakeholders and provides a consistent basis for reporting and measuring money and welfare rights advice performance.


The framework is in its first iteration of reporting on the performance of both money and welfare rights advice. The previous three iterations reported solely on the performance of money advice services for 2014-17. In addition, this iteration will be the first in which local authorities are asked to report on the softer outcomes of advice (e.g. its impact on the health and wellbeing of clients).


With increasing uncertainty in relation to the future funding of money and welfare rights advice services in the face of ongoing budget cuts, as evidenced in the previous iterations of the framework, the need to demonstrate the impact of the services remains key.


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