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Customer First - Innovating Public Sector Delivery

customer-first-logoCustomer First is a Scottish Government-backed programme that enables councils to deliver better, faster and more efficient services to a wider section of the population.

Utilising cutting-edge technology and promoting collaborative procurement between local authorities, Customer First encourages online access to services and aims to ensure that at least 75% of core service requests can be handled at the first point of contact.

customer with necThrough the successful development of various products and services, Customer First has produced significant cost savings and helped transform the level of service experienced by users. This has, in turn, enhanced the reputation of councils across Scotland.

Customer First’s impact is far-reaching and clearly visible across the entire Scottish public sector – in local government, health, education, transport and ICT, among many other areas.

A desire to provide the best possible service has always been at the heart of Customer First’s work. In the new spending context for local government, Customer First will continue to play a leading role in ensuring citizens receive the level of service they deserve.

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