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Customer Service Professional is a customer service qualification developed specifically for employees within Scottish councils by a consortium of Scottish local authorities, led by the Improvement Service and Renfrewshire Council.


Offering academic and career progression at Award, Certificate and, shortly, Diploma levels, Customer Service Professional is Scottish local government's only suite of online SQA-certificated qualifications.


Currently delivered in two-thirds of Scotland's 32 councils and several associated public sector bodies, these award-winning Qualifications:


  • were developed by councils for councils
  • provide a single online e-learning solution for all 32 Scottish councils
  • use online high stakes assessment to provide immediate feedback and results
  • allow candidates to learn at a time, pace and place of their choosing


Bottom-line benefits


  • better quality public services across Scotland
  • increased self-confidence for those in customer-facing roles
  • substantial savings in procurement and development costs
  • enhanced credibility for delivery of council services
  • up to 66% savings in training, using online learning compared to classroom methods


For more information about the Customer Service Professional qualifications, email or visit

Customer Service Professional - a customer service qualification developed by councils for councils

Customer Service Professional


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