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East Renfrewshire Council - Waste Management Service Review

East Renfrewshire Council logoIn January 2015 the Improvement Service was commissioned to support East Renfrewshire Council in a major service review within its environment department, particularly within the waste management service.


The review investigated current problems within the service from which a number of business and IT improvements were developed and put forward. This work was part of a council-wide improvement programme aimed towards modernising and digitizing the way the council worked and interacted with its customers whilst also realising efficiency savings.


Our review was broken down into two stages an initial analysis stage of the current situation and existing problems, secondly the development and evaluation of solutions for the redesign of the service.


Stage 1

The purpose of the first stage was to comprehensively analyse and review the current ways of working across the service. We took a holistic view of the whole service, analysing its IT, staff, organisation and processes.  Most notably, we identified some critical flaws around the ‘request for service’ and ‘complaints’ processes that are used by customers to report missed bins. This is one of the most demanded services in the council and we were able to highlight fundamental inefficiencies and problems across the process. Our assessment showed that the current process for service request and complaints was far too slow, with too many actors involved and too much manual data entry.


Stage 2

After initial analysis of the existing service, we worked closely with the senior environment staff to develop a number of improvements aimed at digitising and modernising the way the service operated. These included


  • optimising the organisational structure of the service towards more task-orientated roles instead of a whole business support team
  • improving and developing an online e-form that integrated with an automated customer relationship system at the back office
  • reduction of printing and the reduction of overall process steps between the customer reporting a missed collection to the job finally getting completed.


These improvements were overall aimed towards bringing the service in line with the council’s five capabilities, making it more efficient and customer focussed.


Our final report with recommendations was then submitted to the Heads of Service who plan to take the improvements forward in future projects.

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