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Early Learning and Childcare Expansion Update


Local authority staff working hard towards the expansion of early learning and childcare (ELC) got together in September at the Early Learning and Childcare Summit.


People attending the summit, hosted by Scottish Government and COSLA, heard about the partnerships and collaborations taking place across the country, along with the experiences of individuals who are making a difference in delivering the increase in funded hours from 600 to 1140 per year by August 2020.


All materials from the event will be posted on Knowledge Hub where staff can also share their experience, good practice and ask questions of their peers. The group also contains case studies and webinar recordings on different aspects of the expansion. Recent webinars on meals in ELC settings and ELC data collections are now available. The most recent case studies include:


  • Meals in Sauchie Nursery (Clackmannanshire)
  • Forest Kindergarten Next Steps (Edinburgh)
  • Edinburgh Childminding Partnership
  • Moray Council working in partnership
  • Journeying outdoors in Angus


Business Analysis

The IS’s dedicated ELC Business Analysts continue to visit and offer specific support to local authorities as requested. Support includes the development of supply and demand analysis to prioritise capital programmes, risk analysis workshops and the provision of ongoing support with delivery progress reporting.


Delivery Progress

The next phase of data collection on delivery progress is well underway. Councils were asked to update their forecasts for the remaining reporting periods to ensure that progress is measured and reported against forecasts which reflect current plans for the remainder of the expansion. Alongside this forecasting exercise, local authorities were asked to report their actual position at the end of August 2019. Once the data has been analysed, the output will be shared with councils.


Further information

Join the Knowledge Hub Group:  Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) Expansion Scotland: Local Authorities

Get in touch with ELC Expansion staff at the IS: or


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