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Elected Members' Development - providing high quality, cost effective development opportunities for Scottish councillors

Elected Members' Development


David Barr

Project Manager

Tel. 01506 283778

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The IS works with councils and other partners to provide  high quality and cost-effective training and development opportunities for elected members that help them develop their skills to better govern Scotland's communities.


Our strategic aims are:


•   to provide national direction in anticipating, and planning to meet, the development needs of elected members

•   to provide expertise, advice and support to elected members and to councils in meeting elected members’ development needs

•   to provide a focus for national, regional and local development programmes that support the needs of elected members

•   to promote excellent standards in the provision of development programmes for elected members

•   to encourage collaboration and the sharing of resources to provide high quality and cost-effective development opportunities for elected members


Support available to elected members


We have a non-partisan role to support all elected members in Scotland.  The following support is currently available through our ‘Supporting Elected Member’ programme:



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