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Fife Council logoTowards the end of 2014, the Local Government Digital Transformation Board initiated the development of the Local Government Reference Architecture(LGRA). The LGRA would enable local authorities to more easily and effectively assess the impact of changes to their organisations and allow councils to prepare roadmaps and collaborate on projects against a common frame of reference and vocabulary. The Reference Architecture would also enable IT professionals in councils to more effectively support and manage change in their own organisations and ultimately save money, time and resources whilst re-positioning IT at the heart of business and systems change.


“The Local Government Reference Architecture has been developed to provide a national view of services delivered by local authorities to citizens and customers across Scotland and the UK. The Reference Architecture comprises a core repository of council functions and services as described within the Local Government Association Electronic Service Delivery List. The repository also provides the facilities for each local authority to record ICT applications used to deliver or support business services, providing a dynamic workspace and reporting mechanism for an end to end viewpoint with Citizen, Business, Customer and Organisation Centric Viewpoints and Reporting.”


Fife Council and the Improvement Service began working together to develop the model. With enterprise architecture expertise from Fife Council and the business analysts from the Improvement Service, and support from the Local Government Association, the first version of the model was developed on time and on budget. Since then, many other Scottish local authorities have sparked interest and are now collaborating to help develop the model further, which has led to the creation of the Local Government Reference Architecture Working Group.


If you are interested in getting involved in this piece of work, please contact Gordon Hunter (Fife Council) or Lee Brown (Improvement Service), or feel free to visit our Knowledge Hub.

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