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With Local Development Plan proposals commonly seen as extra to council business plans what do planners need to know about local government finance and vice versa?


How can planners better communicate the funding implications of delivering growth?


How could an Infrastructure Levy contribute to delivery and what are the likely education impacts of expanding the provision of Early Years Care?


What is already happening to forge closer links in Edinburgh & Fife and what lies ahead?

Don Peebles’, CEO of CIPFA, brief navigation of public sector finance told the story of current funding on its route towards local government, the importance of long term planning and Don’s 4 simple questions to greater understand all financial information.


Download the slides from Don Peebles' presentation

Stefano Smith of Peter Brett Associates added infrastructure levy thinking as part of the mix of funding for long term, strategic/regional level of infrastructure. Stefano clarifies the how and when of operating such a levy along with how much it could contribute.


Download the slides from Stefano Smith's presentation

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Scottish Governments commitment to double the provision of Early Learning and Childcare will require an expansion of education capacity both publicly and privately. The impact on education infrastructure requirements of local authorities was addressed by Alastair Young of the Scottish Future Trust.


Download the slides from Alastair Young's presentation

Panel discussion: CIPFA, Scottish Futures Trust, and Peter Brett Associates


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Setting up the process and governance that allows key relationships to build was highlighted as vital by Paul Lawrence, Executive Director of Place at the City of Edinburgh Council. Collaborative working on infrastructure needs a corporate led “place” for it to happen at the beginning of the process.


Kate Hopper and Ben Wilson, Planners from City of Edinburgh Council, shared their journey into that process of joined up working. The issues that drove them to think differently and the “corporate, cumulative and credible” approach set up to support and shape an LDP Action Programme that aligns with the Council’s Business Plan.


Download the slides from Kate Hopper and Ben Wilson's presentation

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Sat Patel, City of Edinburgh Finance, shared his tips and tricks to the Planning System for finance colleagues and encouraged everyone to go and talk to their finance colleagues. To use this presentation if need be. It is key that finance officers understand the risk that sits within the planning system.


Download the slides from Sat Patel's presentation

Bill Lindsay closed sharing where Fife Council are on their journey to closer alignment. Questioning why we aren’t all in the same place as City of Edinburgh, he suggests the internal perception of an LDP as a corporate document needs to be more visible. Corporate awareness of the growth within FIFEplan is key to delivery and its inclusion in their Local Outcome Improvement Plan is a “great place to start”. Aligning the processes is critical.


Download the slides from Bill Lindsay's presentation

Panel Discussion: Fife Council and City of Edinburgh Council



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