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Improvement Service supporting STEM career activities


The Improvement Service recently supported a STEM Jobs and Skills Fair, held in the Livingston Football Stadium, run by Developing Young Workforce West Lothian.


The interactive display, called MapCraft, was based around the hugely popular game Minecraft, demonstrating a visualisation of a map of Great Britain created by the Ordnance Survey, relating digital mapping and data to a local context in West Lothian using Minecraft.


Over 600 pupils from 17 primary schools in West Lothian attended the event and the MapCraft display was listed among the most popular exhibits, giving pupils the opportunity to explore a Minecraft version of Livingston and wider West Lothian.


“Today we went to the West Lothian jobs and skills fair. There were loads of fun activities about people’s jobs. There was even someone who made Minecraft maps and he let people make their own mini ones,” said one pupil.


This follows on from support of earlier pupil placements in the workplace and collaborative initiatives with Developing Young Workforce West Lothian, the STEM Ambassadors scheme and the Association for Geographic Information. Promotion of STEM opportunities in education is essential to society and the economy and this is recognised by the Improvement Service and other supporters of such initiatives.


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