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Once the future direction of the organisation has been set and the workforce implications have been identified, the next step is to look at the current workforce in order to see how it compares with the workforce that is needed for the future.


To do this the council needs access to good workforce data. The data does not need to be overly complicated as even basic data on age profile, temporary and permanent numbers, full time and part time posts, turnover, gender breakdown etc. can be used to begin to carry out further analysis.


The data that is captured allows trends to be identified in terms of workforce movement and highlights themes that are in need of careful consideration (e.g. implications of an ageing workforce or the need to think about attracting younger people to the council) in order to develop organisational resilience to cope with future changes. The issue of current and future workforce skills needs to be considered and aligned to future strategic direction.


The Improvement Service will work with councils or partnerships to determine data needs and ensure that the capacity is built in-house to best make use of this data in the future. We can help with data analysis and are able to offer scrutiny on data reports by acting as an independent advisor, ensuring that the documents have been ‘sense-checked’ and are fit for purpose. Once the data has been analysed a gap analysis can be carried out which would help identify what approaches can be effectively deployed going forward.


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