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Connecting people with people and people with information

Learn - Share - Reuse - Collaborate - Innovate

Promoting learning and knowledge sharing is central to everything which the Improvement Service does. We also focus on facilitating this across all Scottish councils and their partners. We call this approach "knowledge management" - recognising that, although we cannot actually "manage" knowledge, we can and should focus on managing the environment and encouraging behaviour changes so that learning and knowledge is routinely captured, distilled, shared and applied.

We are committed to:

  • Supporting Scottish local government to underpin improvement through capture, sharing and faster uptake of its collective knowledge, innovative methods and leading practice. 
  • Encouraging a culture within Scottish local government where seeking new knowledge and improved ways of working and minimising unnecessary duplication is the norm. 
  • Increasing collaborative working across local authorities and partners. 
  • Improving access to relevant expertise and resources. 
  • Adopting leading and effective knowledge management practices in delivery of our programmes.

In delivering this area of work we:

  • advise on building and nurturing communities of practice
  • provide, through a partnership with the IDeA, an online platform to support collaborative working
  • advise on facilitating face-to-face and online events
  • advise on methodologies, process, and technology solutions to capture and share good practice 
  • undertake and encourage activities such as peer reviews, after action reviews and production of case studies and lessons learnt
  • provide support for development of leading practice knowledge banks and toolkits
  • promote the use and application of evidence and knowledge resources in critical business processes 
  • raise awareness and buy-in to a knowledge sharing and learning culture 
  • build knowledge sharing activities and awareness into Improvement Service programmes 
  • provide this website as a key gateway to the improvement knowledge base of relevance to Scottish local government

We also collaborate with, and provide advice and support to colleagues who are promoting and facilitating knowledge sharing across Scottish local government and its partners - for example through the Scottish Knowledge Management Network and our membership of the Managed Knowledge Network for Social Services.

We are always on the lookout for partners who are researching and disseminating information on subjects relevant to Scottish local government to make their material available on our website.

Contact Us

For more information about our knowledge sharing programme, please contact the Knowledge Management team at

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