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Money Advice Performance Management Framework (MAMPF) Annual Report 2016/17 Published


The Money Advice Outcomes (MAO) project team have published the Money Advice Performance Management Framework (MAPMF) annual report for 2016/17, alongside individual reports for each local authority. All 32 Scottish local authorities submitted data returns regarding the money advice services they delivered or funded during the 2016/17 financial year.


The key findings were:

  • Investment by local authorities totalled c.£11.72m, representing a reduction of 5% since 2015/16
  • 305 FTE paid staff members were employed by the services, which represents a 5 FTE decrease when compared to 2015/16
  • 31% of service users had a disposable household income of less than £6,000, and 50% less than £10,000 - the median household disposable income in the UK is £26,300
  • 53% of clients reported having a disability or long-term condition, whereas around 20% of the general Scottish population has a disability or long-term condition
  • The total debt owed by clients was c.£217m, an increase of around £2m in comparison to 2015/16
  • c.111,000 people contacted the services, and c.49,000 new clients received support - in both cases this represents a 5% increase since 2015/16
  • 19% of clients initially sought advice because of council tax arrears
  • Money advice services delivered or funded by local authorities secured £101m in client financial gain
  • For every £1 that was invested in money advice services, clients achieved financial gains of £4-9


As demonstrated by the findings, money advice services continue to support some of the most disadvantaged groups in Scotland. Demand for the service is also rising overall. Despite this, the services continue to experience cuts to available resources.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the report further, please contact either Paige Barclay ( or Karen Carrick (


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