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Outcomes, Evidence and Performance Board (OEPB)


Emily Lynch

Programme Manager, Performance Management and Benchmarking

Tel. 01506 283811

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The Outcomes, Evidence and Performance Board (OEPB) provides national
co-ordination and leadership for community planning in Scotland.


Our purpose is to support better decisions that improve the lives of Scotland's people. We work with all organisations involved in community planning to understand:


  • the services, ways of working and leadership that are effective in improving outcomes and reducing inequalities
  • the gaps in knowledge and capacity, and the problems CPPs are experiencing
  • what support and/or change is needed to make community planning a success.


This underpins our three main roles.


  1. Influence - We aim to influence policy, practice and reform of public services at local and national levels.
  2. Collaboration – We bring together national analytical and improvement resources to support CPPs to ensure capacity and resources are targeted to where they are most needed. We facilitate knowledge sharing across CPPs about what’s working in improving outcomes.
  3. Tailored support and capacity building – We offer practical support to CPPs with their challenges around leadership, governance, scrutiny, analysis and decision-making.


What challenges are we trying to address?

Increasing community

participation, particularly

amongst the most


Sharing good practice and evidence

Better leadership, governance and scrutiny

Joint resourcing and planning

Raising the profile of progress and challenges

Improved local data

Co-ordinated improvement support

How are we helping?


Support and capacity building

We’re offering practical support to CPPs by expanding the Community Planning in Scotland website to include more resources, support and showcases of CPPs’ work and

progress, identifying gaps in the support for CPPs – and working to plug them, and building analytical capacity across public services.


Evidence and evaluation

We're developing and sharing a narrative about current patterns of outcomes across Scotland and what works based on research by What Works Scotland, as well as developing an approach to evaluation that can be used by CPPs.


Performance management

We're reviewing performance management arrangements across community planning and we'll propose and implement recommendations based on the findings of the review.


Improving access to and understanding of data

We're improving access to and understanding of data by exploring opportunities to consolidate existing data resources, increasing the local data available in open formats and exploring how to fill the gaps in the data currently available to measure outcomes at local level.


Sharing data and intelligence and intelligence at local level

We're supporting CPPs to improve their approach to the sharing of real time data and intelligence at a local level, and we'll work with the Information Commissioner, Caldicott Guardians and others to overcome challenges to data sharing.


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