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Partnership aims to boost digital services for young people


Group of teenagers using mobile phonesA partnership to increase the development of digital services available using the Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) has been agreed between Young Scot and the Improvement Service.


The two organisations will work with a range of partners, including the National Entitlement Card Programme Office (NECPO) and Transport Scotland, to deliver new information and services to the 680,000 Young Scot NEC holders.  Young people will be fully involved in the co-design of services, a focus of which will be on delivering a good user-experience.


The benefits to young people are expected to include:


  • Ability to receive universal, targeted and bespoke entitlements, concessions, discounts and rewards
  • A digital version of the Young Scot NEC
  • Barriers to employment, training and well-being being addressed


We will also be exploring options around proof of age and entitlement using a mobile device.


The Partnership’s focus will also look at bringing together the Young Scot NEC and myaccount, helping young people access securely a wider range of personalised services and information.


Using the smart infrastructure behind the Young Scot NEC, and adding innovation into the mix, the Partnership is designed to underpin other wider ambitions. These include Scottish Government’s aims of tackling inequalities and of reducing poverty across Scotland, Scotland’s Digital Future Strategy and Transport Scotland’s Smart and Integrated Ticketing Strategy.


The partnership will be speaking to organisations over the coming months as the new services are developed and tested. Services developed and approaches used as part of the partnership will be examined to explore how they might be re-used to deliver smart, digital services for other groups of people, such as older volunteers and the unemployed.


Louise Macdonald, Chief Executive of Young Scot, said, “The Young Scot National Entitlement Card is an exciting platform for service innovation. Two out of every three young people have a Young Scot NEC, this gives us scale to try new solutions and use technology to tackle inequality in all of its forms.”


Colin Mair, Chief Executive of the Improvement Service, added, “An important dimension to our exciting partnership with Young Scot is not only on how we can make life easier for young people, but equally on how we can support changing peoples’ lives for the better while innovating along the way.”


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