Bridging the gap - associates framework will offer flexible, affordable support to councils and CPPs

Associates framework to offer affordable support to councils and CPPs


An 'associates framework' is being commissioned by the IS as part of our support for councils and CPPs. The key purpose of the framework is to provide access to a wide range of expert support and resources to help the IS, CPPs and councils progress work where they need extra capacity on a flexible basis.


The framework agreement is being set up by the IS for use by the IS and all 32 councils. It is our intention to cap associate's day rates to ensure the support on offer is affordable and provides value for money. The IS will be writing to all 32 council chief executives throughout May 2017 to explain our approach and what help we may need from councils to ensure this resource model can truly add value.


If you are someone who is interested in joining the framework we will be holding information events very soon. These events will provide you with the opportunity to find out more about the associates model and the types of skills, experience and knowledge the IS will be looking for.


If you are interested in attending please send your details to and we will add you to our mailing list and keep you updated on exactly when the events will take place.