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Barriers to community engagement in planning study published


The Scottish Government has published a study on the barriers to community engagement in the Scottish planning system.


Barriers to community engagement in planning: a research study look at the factors which inhibit communities, young people and other seldom-heard groups from engaging in the planning system.


It follows an independent review of the Scottish planning system (May 2016), which recommended that actions should be taken to ensure that community involvement in planning for place is fairer and more inclusive.


A further consultation and white paper was published in early 2017, outlining changes to the planning system - including tackling barriers to greater involvement in planning - taking account of measures contained in the Community Empowerment Act and the Land Reform Act.


The research study provides a set of recommendations in relation to the ongoing planning review with a specific focus on how to engage communities and the special challenges of reaching the “seldom heard” groups such as young people.


The study was carried out by yellow Book, the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) and Nick Wright Planning, and commissioned by the Scottish Government Planning and Architecture division. It can be downloaded from the Scottish Government website.