Building a Local Government Associates Framework - information events


The Improvement Service is commissioning an Associates Framework to support change programmes in councils and community planning partnerships (CPPs).


We are now planning two information events to give out more information about the framework and the types of skills, knowledge and experience we'll be looking for. The events will take place in Edinburgh on 15 June 2017 and Glasgow on 21 June 2017.


The purpose of the framework is to provide access to a wide range of expert support and resources to help the IS, CPPs and councils progress work where they need extra capacity on a flexible basis. The framework agreement is being set up by the IS for use by the IS and all 32 local authorities.


Examples of the types of skills we are seeking are:


  • Change Management consultancy support
  • Continuous Improvement support
  • Digital Transformation Support
  • Political Leadership
  • Organisational Development
  • Policy, Strategy, Development and Delivery - advice and support
  • Economics
  • Research, Data, Evidence and Evaluation


The IS will be issuing an Invitation to Tender (ITT) in the near future. The events are for those who are considering responding to the ITT. However, specific information about the ITT will not be discussed at these events.


If you are interested in attending either of the events, you can sign up at:


(Edinburgh event)


(Glasgow event)