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Change management support


The new Professional Development Award (PDA) in Project Management offered jointly by the Improvement Service and Scotland Excel is off to an encouraging start.


Seven councils are taking part in the first cohort with  a further four council-specific cohorts to come over the next few months in South Lanarkshire (x2), North Lanarkshire and Fife.


The PDA in project management will offer an SCQF level 8 qualification (subject to approval by the Scottish Qualifications Authority). The course focuses on the practical application of project management skills in a local government context Those taking part in the course will take a work-based learning approach across two units covering project planning and managing implementation. You can find out more about the qualification in this flyer or by calling Helene Holden on 0141 618 7436.




The IS can run workshops at your council to support your change management activities:


Benefits Realisation Management

The workshop will provide you with a framework to identify key stakeholders, ask the right questions and assign the correct performance measures for your organisation. We also introduce our Benefits Tracker. Expected audiences would be those involved in change projects assigned to benefit identification.


Advanced Customer Journey Mapping

This workshop builds on our basic Customer Journey Mapping training. We introduce personas and mapping internal front and back office processes and the need for collection of data into this workshop. Expected audiences for this training would be those involved in change projects looking to design services around customers.


To arrange a workshop at your council location, please email with your request and likely number of attendees.


Change Managers’ Network event


The next Change Managers’ Network event will be held at the end of November. Keep an eye out for more information or sign up for the Change Managers’ Network newsletters at