CPP Board Member Guidance

Community Planning Partnership Board Member Guidance

This series of notebooks provides information, guidance and support to Community Planning Partnership (CPP) Board members.


Developed by the Improvement Service in consultation with CPPs, the notebooks are designed to meet the varied needs and roles of different CPP Board members. They are likely to be of most use to Board members who are new to the role rather than those with more experience.


Notebook 1: Overview of Community Planning

The first notebook will help you understand the changing context within which CPPs are operating, the expectations for community planning and what that means for CPP Board members.


Download Notebook 1: Overview of Community Planning


Notebook 2: How to be an Effective Board and Board Member

This provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of CPP Boards and Board members and the skills and behaviours required. It also describes the support available to help CPPs meet these duties.


Download Notebook 2: How to be an Effective Board and Board Member


Checklist for CPP Board Members

This checklist provides an aide memoire of the key points covered in the two notebooks.


Download the Checklist for CPP Board Members


The notebooks may also be useful background information for those whose work contributes to the achievement of the CPP’s priorities, particularly those who are part of thematic and/or neighbourhood community planning groups, as well as anyone who requires to develop an understanding of the strategic landscape within which CPPs operate.


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