Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tool

Launched in 2010, the Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tool (CSMT) is designed as a national standard for local government and its partners to evaluate the performance of the services they deliver.  Establishing a common framework across Scotland as a uniform tool which everyone can use, and adhere to, lay behind CSMT’s development.


The CSMT is a comprehensive Question Bank based around five key drivers of satisfaction. Survey templates (and scripts) for use by phone, online, face-to-face and by post are available to download and localise, (but not to alter).  CSMT’s resources, including the User Guide, are available from CSMT’s dedicated online group on the Knowledge Hub.





The CSMT was created collaboratively between the Improvement Service, Consumer Focus Scotland, LARIA and Scottish Government.


For more information on the Customer Satisfaction Measurement Toolkit, visit the Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tool Knowledge Hub.