Economic Development Improvement Guide

The Economic Development Improvement Guide was developed by the Improvement Service, Scottish Government and the Scottish Local Authorities Economic Development Group (SLAED) in 2011.


The Improvement Guide provides a practical toolkit to encourage councils to ‘raise the bar’ in economic development by critically reviewing their activities and identifying areas for improvement. The aim is to help councils achieve greater and more sustainable economic impact.


Download the Economic Development Improvement Guide


Download the Summary Guide


Economic Outcomes Programme

The Economic Outcomes Programme was established in 2012 to help councils and their partners embed the key messages of the Improvement Guide. Now in it’s second phase, the Programme is now focused on undertaking detailed impact assessments of the current “economic footprint” of councils and partnerships, and working with them to increase their impact.


Further information is available in the Economic Outcomes Programme section.


Self-assessment Checklists

The Economic Development Improvement Guide contains a number of checklists to help councils systematically review their economic development service. The main purpose of the checklists is to stimulate discussion on the key elements of outcome-based economic development.


The checklists are available to download in our Economic Outcomes Programme section, along with information on how to use them.


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