The first Spatial Hub Forum took place in May 2018

First Spatial Hub Forum a success


Local government spatial data experts gathered on 1 May 2018 for the first Spatial Hub Forum, hosted by the Spatial Information Service (SIS).


The forum was the first time in 10 years that most of these digital spatial data experts had got together to discuss their work and responsibilities. As well as giving them the chance to discuss their common issues and challenges, it also gave SIS an opportunity to present and discuss the work that it has been doing on bringing together all local government spatial data in a coherent and intelligent manner.


The day was very well received, in particular the debating session which allowed attendees to explore the counter arguments to their common perceptions and stances.


There was general agreement that the work on the Spatial Hub so far is the most sensible approach at this time. This includes plans for a sustainable business model that will essentially commercialise local authority data (as is already the case with addresses) to help fund continuous data improvement.


Several actions were formalised as a result of the forum, including:


  • Creation of data theme working groups (and workshops) to discuss and formulate clear plans for datasets,
  • Creation of a technical KHub group to enable discussions around various ideas and solutions for data improvement.
  • Continued and better communication (using several platforms) with spatial data contacts, as well as policy/ data custodians.


SIS aims to hold an forum every year from now on. The hope is that this will enable the spatial data community across Scottish local government to have a voice about the issues that concern them all, and bring a sense of value and community to these often-marginalised roles within local authorities.


For more information about the work of SIS view the web pages, follow us on Twitter @ISSpatialHub or e-mail