Framework for measuring performance and progress in tackling violence against women published


The Scottish Government, COSLA and the Improvement Service have published the Equally Safe Quality Standards and Performance Framework.


Developed in partnership with the National Violence Against Women Network, the framework provides an invaluable resource to help multi-agency Violence Against Women Partnerships measure their progress and performance in implementing Equally Safe: Scotland’s Strategy for preventing and eradicating violence against women and girls at a local level. It will also help identify any areas where improvements may be required.


The quality standards aim to raise awareness of the types of services, policies and processes that are most effective in tackling violence against women and girls (VAWG) and capture data on the extent to which they are currently being delivered across Scotland.


The performance framework aims to measure the impact that these services, policies and processes are having on the lives of people and communities affected by VAWG.


Collectively, the resource aims to:


  • Provide a consistent basis for measuring the progress being made to implement Equally Safe at a local level
  • Measure the activity and performance of VAW Partnerships and identify areas for improvement to help inform future service planning and strategic investment at a local and national level
  • Generate data on the social and economic impacts of VAWG to help encourage Community Planning Partnerships to recognise VAWG as a central part of the preventative agenda and identify it as a priority in their strategic plans
  • Provide useful data that enables the Scottish Government and COSLA to show the progress being made to achieve the activities and outcomes set out in Equally Safe, and identify any areas of under-performance where additional focus or resources may be required.


The Equally Quality Standards and Performance Framework also offer benefits for elected members, community planning partners and communities as a whole by helping them to gain a better understanding of the work that is being undertaken to prevent and eradicate VAWG at a local level and the impact this is having on the lives of women and children.


Every VAW Partnership in Scotland will be expected to collect data on the quality standards and performance indicators outlined in the document, and submit it to the Improvement Service on an annual basis. The IS will collate and analyse the data provided, and produce an annual report summarising key data on work being undertaken across Scotland as a whole.


For more information about the Equally Safe Quality Standards and Performance Framework, please contact Joanna McLaughlin (National VAW Network Coordinator) at