Place Standard example results

IS support for Place Standard tool


The Improvement Service is offering support in using and applying the Place Standard tool.


The Place Standard tool is being welcomed as a way of finding out what communities think of their place. It provides a valuable input into any place-based, collaborative working. It asks a range of questions about what makes up a street, neighbourhood or entire town, both the physical elements (e.g. its buildings, spaces, and transport links) as well as the social aspects (e.g. whether people feel they have a say in decision-making). It then records answers in a way that allows issues and priorities to jump out.


Research shows that places have an important impact on people’s lives. The way a place looks, functions and feels can influence their health and wellbeing, and the opportunities they have access to. The Place Standard aims to help communities and organisations understand the existing and potential strengths of a place to support good decision making and allow resources to be targeted to where they are most needed. Councils and CPPs are using it as a simple effective way to inform priorities and outcomes.


The Improvement Service has contacted every CPP offering two layers of support in using the tool. First, to attend one of its meetings to acquaint members with the tool and give practical examples of where it has already helped conversations. Second, to run a separate session for community planning and council staff on how to maximise both the use of the tool and the quality of information collected.


If you would like any more information on this offer, please email Irene Beautyman or call  her on on 07908 930763.