• Knowledge Hub

    Knowledge Hub is the UK’s largest public service collaboration platform. It’s the place where people working across public services go to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas on how to improve services, and create connections with peers and experts in a secure environment.

    The Improvement Service is working with the provider of Knowledge Hub (KHub), to offer access to the platform to all Scottish public service organisations and support them in its use.


    What can I do with Knowledge Hub?

    It offers you the opportunity to:


    • collaborate in groups around particular themes or projects
    • connect with colleagues across the public sector and beyond and follow their activity
    • share and discuss ideas
    • enhance your expertise
    • discover more efficient working practices
    • be inspired to develop more innovative ways of working


    Why use Knowledge Hub?

    • Discover knowledge to help you do your job.
    • Connect with people like you and experts to network with.
    • Save time and money.
    • Generate and incubate ideas to drive improvement.
    • Raise your profile and that of your organisation.


    Get started on Knowledge Hub

    You can get started today by registering on the site. Minimal information is needed to register.


    Further information

    If you’re thinking of creating a group, but would like to talk to someone first, or just want more information, contact us on khubsupport@improvementservice.org.uk

  • Getting the most out of Knowledge Hub

    We regularly update this page with advice and tips on making the most of Knowledge Hub so please check back again.


    Your KHub Profile

    Knowledge Hub (KHub) is now the UK’s largest online public sector collaboration platform.


    How can you make sure you are visible in such a vast number of members?

    One way is to complete your KHub profile.

    Having a complete profile lets other members see who you are, helps to build trust and can help other participants ‘put a name to a face’.

    The KHub platform can also use the information in your profile to suggest content that may be of interest to you.


    So how do you edit your profile?

    This short video explains how to edit your profile and the main elements of it, from amending your login details, adding social media account names and changing your profile picture to setting your privacy options to control who sees what in your profile.

  • Support for your Knowledge Hub Group

    Self-help for your Knowledge Hub group

    Please note, you will have to have registered on the site and be logged in for the links on this page to work.


    The Online Help Centre contains lots of advice and guides on how to do the most common tasks on Knowledge Hub, as well as fixes for some common issues.


    Quick start guides

    These cover the KHub's main functions to get you up and running quickly. The guides cover the main elements or functions available in groups: forum (discussions), library (documents), events, wiki, ideas, members list and blogs.


    Video walkthroughs

    There is also a series of videos on the platform that explain:

    • how to set your profile, about the Knowledge Hub home page
    • how to use all the functions in your group,
    • how to access your network in the Knowledge Hub
    • using the text editor on Knowledge Hub.


    For information that's a bit more in-depth, once you’re a member you can try the following:


    Creating groups and running them:


    How we can support your Knowledge Hub group

    If you can't find what you'd looking for online, or you're after support that's more tailored to you needs, you can get in touch with us for help. We can:

    • Provide strategic guidance
    • help you devise your group strategy by defining its purpose and by collecting and analysing data
    • show you how to plan for events and activities


    Help you develop and grow your group

    • by showing you how to send out direct invites, giving advice on promotion and referrals
    • via relationships through personal participation, cultivating volunteers and befriending key members
    • help you develop content by writing content and encouraging others to contribute
    • show you how to moderate your group effectively by initiating discussion,  resolving disputes, soliciting responses and steering your community


    There’s also the Online Facilitators Community; which supports members in running their groups.

  • Discover how people are using Knowledge Hub

    Take a look at how other organisations across Scotland are using Knowledge Hub.


    Dundee Advice Workers' Forum

    The Dundee Advice Workers Forum is a local network for people working in advice services to share information and experiences.


    The Forum meets 4-6 times a year but was looking for ways to improve communication between members on a day-to-day basis and increase partnership working across the sector.


    It established an online group on the Knowledge Hub, a secure online collaboration platform which enables colleagues across public and third sector services to connect, discuss, exchange knowledge and develop initiatives to improve public services.


    Download the full case study


Mike McLean

knowledge & Collaboration Manager

Tel: 01506 283774

Email Mike


Kristoffer Boesen

Project Officer

Tel: 01506 283819

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