Partners In Planning launch the website at their recent Leadership in Planning Event

Launch of Partners In Planning website: a key element to delivering outcomes


Partners in Planning have launched a new website to provide people working in the planning system with a single point of access to the skills and knowledge that enable behaviour change.


Partners In Planning is a collaboration of education and training providers, employers, Improvement Service, Scottish Government and the Royal Town Planning Institute that aims to:


  • build the capacity we need to deliver quality places that promote wellbeing, sustainable communities and inclusive growth;
  • pull together the skills, knowledge and behaviours of those working with Scotland’s planning system to maximise their contributions to achieving these outcomes; and
  • promote high quality and fit for purpose planning education and lifelong learning to support planning in Scotland.


Partners In Planning’s highest priority has been to establish a single co-ordination point to share information, intelligence, good practice, news, events and training opportunities on planning and place-making. Launched in September  2018, the Partners in Planning website provides those working with the planning system with one access point to skills, knowledge and behavioural change by directly linking to relevant content on external websites without the need to search through many levels of many different sites. Initial content links directly to partner organisations but this an evolving site with the opportunity for users to submit content forming a crucial element to enable behavioural change.


Moving forward, Partners In Planning will support further initiatives aimed at enhancing skills, knowledge and behaviours to support improved planning practice. It will collaborate on the need to consider enhancing skills, knowledge and behaviours to improve planning practice and thereby provide constructive feedback on approaches to delivering the aspirations of the Planning Review.


The ongoing delivery of our planning system is down to all those working within the system. Sitting beside the legislative change currently making its way through parliament, knowledge, skills and behavioural change are equally crucial to delivery. The aspirations within the Independent Panel Review and the Scottish Government’s Places, People and Planning Consultation cannot be achieved by legislation alone. Behavioural change, informed by knowledge and skills development, will be crucial.