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Leadership course for roads managers


The Roads Collaboration Programme welcomes the second cohort of aspiring road service managers to the Routes to Leadership course, commencing in March 2019.


The course explores current and future issues affecting local government and offers insightful ideas and tips in preparation for future leadership in the roads service. Focused on the road sector, themes include strategic planning, elected member support, leadership skills, community empowerment, financial planning, equalities and social media.


In 2018 the course attracted delegates from twelve councils and one regional transport partnership to the four-day course in Glasgow. The sessions were spread throughout the year, giving participants the opportunity to meet and learn from industry leaders and engage in interactive leadership activities, interspersed with workplace mentor support and achievement of personal goals.


Participants communicate between formal course days through the Knowledge Hub. It is anticipated that former participants will return and contribute, creating a valuable peer network.


For more information about the course, contact Ailie Law at