Local Development Plans among new Spatial Hub datasets


The Spatial Information Service (SIS) has published several new datasets as part of the Spatial Hub data publication schedule. These are:


  • Renewable Energy Sites
  • Wind Turbine Spatial Framework
  • Local Development Plans (LDP)


The most sought-after and potentially valuable of these datasets is likely to be the LDP data; this is the first time this has been attempted by the public sector. It is intended to provide a digitised overview of common land development policies across Scotland that set out the long-term vision for where development should and shouldn’t happen. The LDP is the principal land use planning document used in assessing applications for planning permission, based upon national, regional and local policies and proposals.


LDP data was provided by local authorities to the Spatial Hub and then categorised and tagged to describe common types of development. This approach will support any future convergence of planning policy guidance in terms of data standards across Scotland. The three national LDP data layers (point locations, line features and area polygons) offer immense scope for supporting innovation, particularly in terms of digital services and the sharing of data among key agencies and stakeholders, hastening the various consultation processes.


In doing this work SIS has negated the need for other organisations to approach each local authority directly to access various elements of its LDP.


Making it accessible through the Spatial Hub will support detailed analysis by public sector bodies across a range of tasks, allowing pro-active social and environmental research and the analysis of policy effectiveness.


When we have the capability to share the data more widely, it will also support investment decisions by the land development sector, allow research into development effectiveness and marketability, and support infrastructure planning by key agencies and other providers. It also supports the ambitions of the Digital Planning Task Force, providing the necessary mechanism and business sustainably to meet many of their objectives.