Money Worries - In Sickness and In Health


The Welfare Advice Service Facilitator team has created a short film to support the establishment of welfare advice and health partnerships. The film – aimed at health care professionals (HCPs) working in primary care – highlights the link between poor health and people living with money worries, and provides an approach to address people’s money problems as part of HCPs routine care planning.


Money worries can have a profound effect on health and wellbeing. Debt, benefit problems, low income and housing problems have all been shown to worsen or cause physical and mental health problems. Many HCPs say that they are prevented from effectively doing their jobs because patients find it hard to engage when they are preoccupied with worries about money. However, HCPs do not have the skills or time to address these socio-economic issues. Ensuring that patients with money worries get the right help and support is essential so that HCPs can concentrate on doing their jobs effectively.


Welfare advice and health partnerships are collaborations between welfare advice services and healthcare services and allow them to work together to better identify and respond to the socio-economic problems that undermine people’s health. The approach embeds welfare and money advisers within primary health care teams and has been shown to be a highly effective way of reducing health inequalities and providing advice services to individuals who would not normally access them.


The film, ‘Money Worries – In Sickness and in Health’, encourages HCPs to consider money worries as a contributing factor of many health conditions. It provides a framework for HCPs to address money worries and respond appropriately by following the principal of C.A.R.E:


  • Consider money worries as an underlying cause in poor health, both mental and physical;
  • Ask simple questions about money worries;
  • Refer to an appropriate money/welfare adviser;
  • Engage with the welfare and money adviser to support the patient resolve their money problems.


The film will be accompanied by a companion handbook which gives HCPs practical tips on how to address their patient’s money worries and support them to resolve them.


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