Hand placing a house in a field

Places, People and Planning: A consultation on the future of the Scottish planning system


The Improvement Service (IS) welcomed the recent opportunity to input into this review of the planning system. The consultation highlights the key role of planning to nurture our places, our environment and our communities, and guide future change so that it benefits everyone. We are keen to see the review advanced promptly to promote planning’s role in this delivery of great places.


The IS did not respond to every proposal made in the consultation but focused on those where it had the expertise to provide input. As such  our response focused on the three key areas of:


  • aligning community planning and spatial planning,
  • giving people the opportunity to plan their own place,
  • developing the skills knowledge and behaviour to deliver great places.


Download the IS response to 'Places, People and Planning'.


Should you have any views or experience or wish for further detail on any of these highlighted areas we would be happy to discuss further, please contact irene.beautyman@improvementservice.org.uk.