• Services

    We provide a number of consultancy and facilitation services to support all councils and Community Planning Partnerships to deliver improved outcomes, as well as services related to enhancing the learning and skills of council officers and elected members, facilitating performance management and improvement, and research. A full list of our services is below.

  • Consultancy and Facilitation

    Business Analysis

    The Business Analysis Service offers consultation, advice and practical support with business/service change and transformation.


    Change Management

    Facilitating the Change Managers Network, supporting local authorities' change activities, and sourcing and sharing good practice.


    Economic Outcomes Programme

    The Economic Outcomes Programme works to help councils maximise the impact of their economic development activities.


    Improving Outcomes in Money Advice

    Improving the impact of Scotland's money advice services, and supporting councils and their partners in this process.


    Linking Community and Spatial Planning

    Supporting  the development of closer links between community and spatial planning to achieve better places and outcomes.


    National Co-ordinator - Child Poverty Action Reports

    Working with local authorities and health boards to support the development of Local Child Poverty Action Reports by acting as a child poverty champion, sharing and promoting good practice and working to ensure local reports are an effective lever for tackling child poverty in Scotland.


    Organisational Development

    Supporting capacity building to improve the performance and effectiveness of organisations.


    Outcomes, Evidence and Performance Board

    The Outcomes, Evidence and Performance Board (OEPB) provides national co-ordination and leadership for community planning in Scotland.


    Planning for Place

    Supporting councils and their partners to collaborate in based approaches to joint planning, resourcing and delivery of places that enable all communities to flourish.


    Roads Collaboration Programme

    Exploring opportunities to share services among the 32 roads authorities and Transport Scotland.


    Spatial Information Programme

    Leading the development of spatial information products and a collective approach to spatial data management across Scottish local government.


    Tackling Violence Against Women

    Supporting the National Violence Against Women Network to share information and learning across local partnerships.


    Welfare Advice and Health Partnerships

    The Welfare Advice Service Faciliator (WASF) is a new initiative which aims to establish welfare advice and health partnerships within healthcare settings.


    Workforce Planning

    Assisting councils and their partners in effective workforce planning.

  • Learning and Skills

    Elected Members' Development

    Support for the professional development of Scottish councillors.


    Planning Skills

    Addressing learning and development needs in planning services.

  • Performance Management & Improvement

    Self-assessment in Community Planning Partnerships

    Working with Community Planning Partnerships to support their self-assessment and improvement planning.


    TSI Self-assessment and Improvement

    A toolkit to help Third Sector Interfaces evaluate their own performance and identity areas for improvement.

  • Research

    Research Programme

    Our research team manages analytical projects, undertakes bespoke analysis, and conducts independent research projects in order to improve the local government evidence base.