Viewstat is an interactive mapping tool that allows you to see data on life outcomes mapped to Scotland’s neighbourhoods. Viewstat converts data from Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics into a map, allowing you to see information on health, education, safety, economic participation, housing and income by geography, from whole council level to local neighbourhoods. Viewstat contains information on over 600 publicly-available indicators and is intended to support analysis at strategic and operational levels.


With Viewstat you can:


  • Easily select the outcomes and outcome measures you are interested in, covering health, education, safety and economic participation
  • Select the geographical area you are interested in, from whole of Scotland to council area to local neighbourhoods or custom select any set of geographies by marking them on the map
  • Look at individual outcomes or several at once, allowing you to identify relationships between measures
  • Compare council areas and neighbourhoods
  • Profile and highlight inequalities in outcomes between communities


Viewstat is free to access and easy to use, with no previous analytical skills required.  A User Guide and FAQs are available on the site.


Viewstat is no longer being updated, however we are looking to undertake redevelopment of the tool in the coming year. If you would like more information or would like to provide feedback please contact

Open Viewstat


Research Team

Tel. 01506 283775

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