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What is a Power-Interest Grid?

A Power-Interest Grid is an important technique used to plot stakeholders in regards to their position within the project or change initiative, based on their power and interest. The analyst would have identify all stakeholders involved in the project previously by using existing documentation, workshops, “as-is” business process models and a generic stakeholder list.


Why use a Power-Interest Grid?

By using a Power-Interest Grid, it allows the analyst to manage all stakeholders involved with the project or change initiative. It provides a clear representation of all stakeholders involved and, therefore, the analyst can explore strategies for managing them in their positions for the success of the project.


How do you use a Power-Interest Grid?

First, the analyst will want to find or create a Power-Interest Grid template. The complexity of the project will determine the depth they need the technique to be used (for example, you might want to use more than the 4 positions shown below). When using the Power-Interest Grid, there are a number of positions that a stakeholder could be placed, but it is probably sufficient to just consider the four basic positions: Keep Informed, Maintain Interest, Active Consultation and Regular Engagement.


Power-Interest Grid Template


An example of a Power-Interest grid


When placing stakeholders onto the Power-Interest Grid, analysts must always be aware that not all individual stakeholders will fit neatly into one of the four basic situations and managing these stakeholders must be tailored. It is important to place the stakeholder where they ‘actually are’ and not where they would ‘like to be’.


What happens next?

After the analyst has positioned all the relevant stakeholders onto the Power-Interest Grid, they can then progress onto developing the appropriate stakeholder managing strategies and defining the stakeholder’s involvement within the project through the use of a RASCI chart.



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Power-Interest Grid

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