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PSIF FAQs - Benefits

Benefits Questions


What are the benefits to my organisation of implementing the PSIF?

Organisations who have used the PSIF for a number of years report a variety of benefits including a consistent approach to performance management and improvement planning across the organisation, a more proportionate response from scrutiny and inspection bodies and external recognition. Annual reviews of PSIF by those using the framework show consistently high levels of support and satisfaction with the PSIF model.


What is the main benefit of using the PSIF rather than another quality framework?

The PSIF is an amalgamation of the criteria from the EFQM Excellence Model and the Customer Service Excellence standard. It integrates the assessment approaches delivered by these frameworks and therefore minimises duplication of assessments and increases efficiency.


The PSIF also clearly links to other existing frameworks in use within the public sector in Scotland, reducing duplication of effort.  The PSIF has been mapped with those frameworks used by audit, inspection and regulatory bodies. These bodies have also agreed to accept evidence towards future inspections via the PSIF framework reducing duplication of effort and time within local authorities.


The PSIF operates as a partnership with a learning and sharing forum hosted online and via a schedule of regular networking and learning events. This provides a meaningful and open forum to share good practice, experience and lessons learned and offers the opportunity for further benchmarking.


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