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PSIF FAQs - Support

Support, Advice and Benefits Questions


Can I benchmark with other PSIF organisations?

The sharing of best practice and benchmarking is actively encouraged amongst PSIF practitioners.  There is an informal benchmarking network in the partnership which encourages sharing and learning from benchmarking data and processes.


What ongoing support is available?

Organisations will receive support from the IS PSIF team throughout the process, including regular progress meetings with an officer from the IS PSIF Project team.


The PSIF question set is accompanied by a standard set of materials and supporting systems to ensure a common language and approach for PSIF organisations.


Through involvement with the PSIF community, you will also have the opportunity to network, benchmark and share best practice with the other organisations that are implementing PSIF. This is achieved through:


  • An annual PSIF Learning Event which focuses on specific issues for the PSIF community, wider links with national initiatives or other frameworks and bodies and practical implementation guidance.
  • The PSIF Knowledge Hub, which enables PSIF practitioners to communicate online with the rest of the PSIF community and to benefit from the learning from past and current PSIF organisations, in a secure and private environment.


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